Sustainable Livelihood Action (SLA) supports the livelihoods of rural communities. SLA contributes to develop community based practices to ensure the sustainable management of their natural resources whilst meeting the socio-economic needs and enhancing livelihood benefits.

Sustainable Livelihood Action is a not-for-profit development initiative bringing together expertise and experience from grassroots level, science institutions, NGOs and consultancy companies.

The emphasis is on working with local NGO partners in project implementation aimed at institutional development and human capacity building. We are many a times recognized as a key player connecting and adding to the capacities of partners to realise output in efficiency and quality.

Based on its core partners and staff, SLA has a longstanding experience in forest, agro-forest, wetlands and catchment environments. Funding has come from a variety of sources including multilateral and bilateral donors (EU) as well as non-governmental institutions, including Wetland International, the Darwin Initiative and the Norwegian Development Fund.

Sustainable Livelihood Action is also known as Wetland Action. Whereas the focus of Wetland Action is on wetland management for sustainable livelihoods, SLA works on community based natural resource management in a variety of ecosystems subjected to climate change with a focus on livelihoods and enterprise development.

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